About Adyant

Established in 2007 with a vision and mission to help senior secondary students of science realize their dreams, Adyant Higher Secondary School has emerged as the best +2 science school of Odisha which provides integrated education. With its enviable success rate, both in the CHSE Boards alongside in the NEET, JEE Mains and Advanced competitive Examinations, the school, functions under the aegis of the Adyant Educational and Charitable Trust. It constantly innovates and implements the best processes and strategies to benefit the students to emerge successfully in the boards and the extremely challenging national level competitive examinations.

Academic Excellence

Under the extremely capable leadership of its visionary edupreneur and academician Dr. A. B. Singh, the school has carved a niche for itself, with a unique convergence of syllabi which seamlessly allows students to progress from the basics, and advance towards the challenging applied levels of content. With separate faculties for teaching, the CHSE syllabus boards and the competitive examinations, the nationally chosen and competent faculty of the best school of the state, remains totally committed to elicit the best from the learners.

Guided Study Programme

Extra Study Hours

The school has a separate team of residential faculty exclusively chosen to monitor and execute the well designed guided evening study programme for boarders. Besides helping the students to complete the specially designed assignments, the committed faculty also assists them to prepare for the systematic and parallel assessments, thus aiding excellence in both, the board and the competitive examinations.

Asserting Excellence

Assessments - Evaluation - Feedback - Remediation - Reassessments:

The quick and effective feedback generated after the assessments helps in extending the tailor-made daily remediation programme.
The reassessments conducted, ensures better performance of all students. The monthly individual student – parent – teacher connect, further helps in strengthening the rapport between all the stakeholders, besides extending help in sectors mentioned by parents, by providing apt solutions for every problem.

Grade XI
Weekly Assessment:
Board Based – Every Thursday (Maximum Marks-25 practical based subjects & subjects without practicals are tested out of 35)
Competition Based-Every Monday
Medical Assessments- Physics Chemistry Botany Zoology 160
Engineering Maximum Marks -120
Physics Chemistry Mathematics
Half Yearly –Half syllabus comprising of theory 70+30 (Physics Chemistry Botany Zoology IT ) Theory 100 marks -English MIL Mathematics

Why Adyant

  • Adyant Higher Secondary School materializes the pragmatic dream of our visionary director Mr. A.B. Singh who is a force behind every action and decision.
  • All faculty members are dedicated professionals to guide the students precisely with a plan to make them visualize their goal.
  • Adyant Higher Secondary School adopts engaging education process that includes regular assignment practice, SMS of result to the parents and elimination of idling time.
  • In campus Hostel facilities with academic oriented hospitality to the students makes it home away from home and adds to their academic excellence.
  • Our association with renowned Aakash Institute for Medical and IIT-JEE coaching enables our students to excel in tough competitive examinations.
  • Career oriented approach from Adyant reflects in all pedagogical activities that make us distinct from others.
  • Execution of different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities tunes the mind and body of our students to enhance their performance.
  • Sophisticated, well-equipped and modern lab facilities keep our students better focused and add practicality to their gain of knowledge.

Vision and Mission


To extend an effective education system, countering the wide spread menace of stress, by providing the best practices, helping students, to excel in academics, both in the boards and competitive examinations by establishing an institution with world class amenities.


Committed to explore the hidden talent of young ambitious students, in a bid to transform ordinary aspirants into extraordinary doctors or engineers.