Our Campus

The campus and infrastructure of Adyant Higher Secondary School display a state-of-the-art architectural beauty that is one of its kind in the state. The campus encompasses ultra-modern AC classrooms, advanced laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and IT, a well-stocked library with a huge collection of textbooks, reference books, study materials, journals and magazines, and a spacious reading room.

A lush green campus that is a feast for eyes and mind. The vast lawns and campus playground, scenically and meticulously planned with beautiful plantations relieve stress and bring yogic tranquillity that enables our students to boost their performance.

What we Offer












State Of The Art Infrastructure

Set amidst sylvan surroundings the extremely beautiful, serene and clean campus is ideal for academic pursuits of students. The spacious comfortable AC classrooms and boarding facilities are safe and secure and monitored 24X7 by extremely capable security personnel. The well-equipped laboratories and library help students to carry out their practical work besides providing the access to good reference materials.

Platforms To Nurture An All Round Development

The large outdoor and a spacious indoor auditorium are great platforms to host programmes and screenings to promote talent and add relaxation to students in their otherwise rigorous academic schedule. Trained teachers of music, games and dance teach students after the study hours to harness their creative potential.

Home Away From Home Where Comfort Blends With Safety

Adyant has four hostels, three for boys and one for girls. The comfortable neat and clean rooms of the hostels are a -home- away- from- home. With a well-stocked tuck shop for purchasing the essentials and clean spacious beautiful cafeterias to satiate their taste buds, the boarders of Adyant Higher Secondary School remain happy and focused towards achieving their goals effectively. The team of well -coordinated and extremely devoted hostel wardens are committed towards looking after all the needs of the boarders. With wardens on each floor to add safety and care, the hostels are havens for the boarders as they feel the omnipresence of a friend, philosopher and guide with them.

Health Wellness Fitness

With 6 playgrounds, 3 each for boys and girls Adyant has always given importance to health and fitness. The playgrounds provide the much needed relaxation from the monotony of the routine life. The well -equipped outdoor
and indoor gyms in each hostel, has activities supervised under trained instructors, which help break academic rigour besides helping the young students to remain fit and healthy

Parent Connect

Understanding the need to connect with parents, the well-planned oneto-one monthly meeting with parents by the faculty on zoom / telephone or in person as per the convenience of parents, helps build and strengthen the rapport besides ironing out creases if any. The regular meetings help parents to know and understand the issues of concern and further counsel their wards to work with the teachers for the best possible results.

Healthy And Nutritious Food

With 2 meals and 3 snacks, Adyant Higher Secondary School provides regular healthy and nutritious food to its students. The cafeteria serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food to its students.

Emergency Services

The two separate infirmaries for boys and girls are supervised by a doctor and further assisted by a trained pharmacist 24X7. The team helps in providing immediate solutions to medical emergencies if any. The 24X7 ambulance service in the campus has further proven our commitment towards providing the best possible facilities to our boarders.