CHSE Pattern

The core issue to be addressed in the Adyant higher secondary school is the convergence of our teaching in Adyant higher secondary school in consonance with teaching in Aakash. The entire course is be completed in two academic sessions. In each session there will be fixed component of academic teaching (CHSE pattern) and competitive teaching (in association with Aakash)
The classes held six days a week and on every Monday weekly test is conducted. The classes are held from to 4.10pm. The classes are conducted in such a manner that the fundamentals in all subjects are cleared at the grass-root level. The lecturers provide running notes in the class-rooms, based on CHSE pattern. During self – study, if a student faces any doubt in any subjects, he/ she may meet the concerned lecturer for that, during the doubt clearing session (4.10pm to 5.30pm). Also the students are exposed to regular classroom tests on subjective and objective pattern in order to prepare them for their final examination . The Principal works as a guardian of every students to monitor all sorts of progress in Adyant .

Teaching Methodology

We have adopted a distinctive teaching methodology which befits our ever-guided approach ‘Convergence of academics and competitions: The mode of teaching aims at the convergence of fundamental teaching on +2 levels in consonance with teaching in Aakash. We have prepared our own course progress syllabus where the chapters of all subjects are taught harmoniously in close proximity with advanced teaching in Aakash. A galaxy of dedicated and experienced teachers makes their full effort to impart innovative teaching to the utmost satisfaction of the students.
The core issue to be addressed in the adyant higher secondary school is the convergence of our teaching in consonance with teaching in Aakash. The entire course is to be completed in two academic phases. In each phase there will be a fixed component of academic teaching in Adyant and competitive training in Aakash Institute / Aakash IIT-JEE. It is our experience that those students who aspire for a career in Medical/Engg. should start preparation for the same from class Xl.


The Adyant Higher Secondary School, Bhubaneswar creates a conducive academic and competitive environment to make the students brain produce chemicals that can inculcate positive feelings and creativity among the students.

Comparison of weekly assessment

Students appear weekly tests. The results are microscopically assessed. Students are given scope to compare their results with their nearest competitors. Certain mercurial steps are taken to make the students highly competitive and they automatically produce the best result.

Running Cup

Based on the monthly results, toppers of class XII are awarded with the Running Cup for a month. The cup is retained by the achiever till he/she continues to excel. The recognition builds the academic stamina to excel in students, a much needed criteria, for processing academic brilliance in the boards and the national competitive examinations.

Cash Award

In order to motivate the students to build and retain academic excellence, cash awards are awarded to the meritorious students. The awards helps in the sustenance of diligence, determination and discipline, in order to realize the dream and attain their goals .

#Annual examination Class XI/Pre-Board Examination Class XII

1st Runners UpRs 3000
2nd Runners UpRs 2000

Awards for PTS

The Practice Test Series are daily tests conducted after the Pre Board Examinations for Class XII Students . The thirty tests are conducted daily to add perfection in writing and presentation skills, helps building and strengthening concepts apart from repeated remediation of the manifold academic areas. With a total amount of ` 45,000, the awards encourage building consistency in the toppers besides inspiring students to excel.
Cash award for the topper in Group A Students in each subject: ` 1000/-
Cash Award for topper of Group B Students in each subject: ` 500/-



In every weekend a Test based on CHSE pattern are conducted by the school starting from the beginning of the month of July and will continue up to the end of September every year.


This is a unique test conducted every week along with the revision classes during the month of September/October every year.


This is conducted during the month of November/December every year which helps the 2nd year students for practicising their skills and to enhance their confidence.


This is a test on full syllabus of the CHSE pattern conducted in the month of November every year.


This is the last test for 2nd year students conducted on the month of January covering the full syllabus in the very much identical pattern of ANNUAL CHSE EXAM.