Atom 50 is the flagship programme initiated by reputed educationist
philanthropist and social edupreneur Dr. A. B. Singh, Chairman, Adyant educational and Charitable Trust. Aimed at ushering equity in education, the unique Atom 50 programme is intended to empower the academically brilliant students of Class X. The unique scholarship programme is specially designed for students who hail from the economically and socially marginalized sections of society. Intended towards helping the intelligent, talented and the academically bright minds. who desire to pursue science as the stream of choice in the senior secondary classes, alongside realizing their goals of succeeding in the challenging national level entrance examinations including the IIT Mains and Advanced and/ NEET.
Selected on grounds of sheer merit, the programme offers free classes for the CHSE Board examinations besides providing free integrated coaching facilities by the faculty from the prestigious and nationally acclaimed Aakash Competitive classes. Enabling the selected 50 academically endowed students towards fulfilling their dreams of succeeding in the competitive examinations, the Atom 50 scholarships serve as a platform to learn and compete with the best talents across the nation. The noble initiative of the Adyant Educational and Charitable Trust, the Atom 50 programme also provides free tuition fees and Aakash study materials amounting to a whopping `1.45 crores to the selected students.


₹1.45 crores

An Initiative for Social Upliftment


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